Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

  • Traduit de German Rene
    Hello. With almost all comments regarding baby orchids, users said they had peeled and chewed them and then swallowed them either immediately or after ten minutes in the mouth. I would like to give a very uncomplicated method with which I have had very good experiences without exception. The seeds are freed from their husks and finely ground. They can be crushed very finely in a coffee grinder. The fine powder of the seeds is now poured into a cup and poured with hot water. About half a cup full. The whole thing is then cooled in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes and drunk with the powdered seeds as soon as it is cool. The cooling process releases various active substances (alkaloids) in the first place. Therefore, they work much worse or not at all if you just chew and swallow them. As far as nausea is concerned, it must be said clearly that I believe this will destroy the effect of the seeds. It just makes you dirty. It is therefore recommended to let the cooled water and the seeds run through a paper filter (not a coffee filter. These are too coarse). It is important that no flesh of the baby wood roses comes through the filter. The filter can be wrung out very carefully, but as I said, no pulp should get through. The amount of seeds may need to be increased a little, if only the filtered liquid is ingested because there is still some active ingredient in the seeds themselves which are thrown away, but also the substances that cause the sometimes very severe stomach discomfort. I hope I could help you a little further. They brought me a lot personally and made me a lot gentler and loving. Not to mention really deep insights into elementary questions of life - have fun with it.

  • peter
    this is powerfull!! dont take too many :-) seriousss

  • Ananda
    First I chewed three, then five at home alone, with practically no effects on either occasions. (not even nausea)Later, I spent some time at a forest house and there chewed seven, and after 30 mins smoked some ganja. The effect was undeniable.I went (together with a friend) to a state of total clarity. There was nothing outside that moment. We were able to read each others thoughts, and the waves of higher understanding were - every time - felt by both of us. The intensity of higher dimensional visions was almost too much to cope with. Never get stuck on a single thought, emotion, mental vision, visual image - always just let the universe flow through your spine. Remember to breathe deep.Our house felt like a spaceship that had just landed to a new, fresh and alive setting. The atmosphere was full of beautiful ambient music (birds, trees, water etc). Returning to a 3-dimensional reality was a challenge, but afterwards the experience helped both of us to fully recognise natures infinite creativity and the multidimensional potentials within human consciousness.Recommended.Stay present.Don't resist.Just witness.

  • Traduit de French genaro
    I love ! 5 seeds = it's good for the first time. 10 seeds = 1 good acid trip but calmer (relaxation, slight drowsiness), quite visual (almost comparable to mushrooms) Once I took 16 seeds but it was really very violent (scary!) And the horrible nausea, better stay at 5-10. preparation: method 1: finely grind the seeds and swallow the powder on an empty stomach (4 hours after your last meal): there will probably be good nausea. method 2: finely grind the seeds. Place them in a jar and add 100 mL of 50-60% alcohol (use drinkable alcohol! Eg white rum). Close the jar and leave to stand for 3 days in the dark (we will think of mixing at least 3 times a day). Then filter through a piece of fine cloth (squeeze well to collect all the alcohol). Drink the liquid on an empty stomach. The nausea will be a little less and the effects will start much faster. Method 3: This is exactly method 2 except that at the end, the filtered alcohol is poured into a glass plate / dish, and allowed to evaporate in the shade, at room temperature. A yellowish-brown residue is obtained which is scraped with a razor blade and which is swallowed after having put it in capsules: the evaporation causes a slight loss of power but there will be no nausea. Note: the 3 methods are also valid for morning glory seeds.

  • genaro
    J'adore ! 5 graines = c'est bien pour une prmiere fois. 10 graines = 1 bon trip d'acid mais en plus calme (relaxation, legere somnolence), assez visuel (presque comparable a des champignons) Une fois j'ai pris 16 graines mais c'etait vraiment tres violent (flippant!) et la nausée horrible, mieux vaut en rester a 5-10. preparation: methode 1: broyer finement les graines et avaler la poudre a jeun (4h apres votre dernier repas): y'aura probablement une bonne nausée. methode 2: broyer finement les graines. Les placer dans un bocal et ajouter 100 mL d'alcool a 50-60% (utiliser de l'alcool buvable! ex: rhum blanc). Fermer le bocal et laisser reposer 3 jours dans l'obscurité (on pensera a melanger au moins 3 fois par jour). Puis filtrer a travers un bout de tissu fin (bien presser pour recuperer tout l'alcool). Boire le liquide a jeun. Y'aura un peu moins de nausée et les effets commenceront beaucoup plus rapidement. methode 3: il s'agit exactement de la methode 2 sauf qu'a la fin, on verse l'alcool filtré dans une assiette/un plat en verre, et on laisse evaporer a l'ombre, a temperature ambiante. On obtient un residu brun-jaunatre que l'on gratte avec une lame de rasoir et que l'on avale apres l'avoir mis en gellules: l'evaporation entraine une legere perte de puissance mais il n'y aura pas de nausée. Remarque: les 3 methodes sont aussi valable pour les graines de morning glory.

  • dj988
    Hey !!!! Pour tout les gars qui prétendent n'avoir ressenti aucun effets , c'est tout simplement parce-que vous vous êtes fait entubé !!! Je suis originaire de Nouvelle Calédonie où les lianes de hawaiian baby woodrose poussent naturellement. Et je peux vous certifié que 5 à 8 graine FRAICHES (tout juste cueillit sur la liane ) ça vous arrache l'estomac et le front par la même occaz. (rien de comparable au LSD biensur !!! ) Comme on dit chez moi plus tu vomiras, plus tu seras défoncé ;)

  • Traduit de French dj988
    Hey !!!! For all the guys who claim to have felt no effects, it's simply because you got screwed !!! I am from New Caledonia where Hawaiian baby woodrose lianas grow naturally. And I can certify you that 5 to 8 FRESH seeds (just picked on the vine) that tears your stomach and forehead by the same OCCAZ. (nothing comparable to LSD of course !!!) As they say at home the more you throw up, the more stoned you will be;)

  • Traduit de German Indigo
    Get ready for it to be a fight with the two sides. Go into battle with courage and with conviction for the good, the devil will greet you and show you the suffering and ultimately who he finds use in you he lets you experience the dark power. Your body cries out for movement that takes over but don't let it and meditate no matter how hard it cries out don't move it and the gate to all-encompassing energy opens. You will experience everything and be sober. Learn the language of kymatics which is expressed through geometric patterns. Communicate without speaking, convey a thank you in its perfect gesture. Words become too vague to communicate it is not necessary in this state, we are here to collect information for the good everything is built on the good, the bad can only act and use our ignorance so experience yourself and become a tool of God . | 7 seeds perfectly cleaned one after another well chewed enjoy | Own personal experience, no request

  • skorucuoglu
    I chewed 10 of them but it gave no effect

  • Steveenicks
    Brill.. worked for me :) took 8, scrape seeds carefully good support from site order got here within 2 days :) UK

  • psychoman
    i have done LSA(another name for baby woodrose) 6 times now, and i hate the taste of the seeds so much now it makes me almost vomit when thinking about it. the nausea is bad if u have a weak stomach but i took five at reading festival with some shrooms and i had a wicked trip and the first time i ever did LSA i thought i was jesus, deffinetly take these, allthough more than 5 is recomended if you are over "5.6" and 70kg

  • Traduit de German Chino
    Hi, I ate 8 times. It's a nice experience when time stands still and you think you are somewhere between the realities in the future. Has changed my life positively. But be careful, not all that glitters is gold. Try it ...

  • Traduit de German Marco
    Have the last time consumed about 10 years ago. Effect was damn strong. Optics, balance disorders euphoria. The full program. Let's see how they look this time.

  • Traduit de German Patrick
    Very good product! Tried 25 seeds in a group 10/9/6 Two experienced and one inexperienced user. We chewed the seeds, nausea or discomfort was briefly present (approx. 30 minutes) and afterwards it was just perfect;) Anyone interested in an LSD-like experience should strike here but for inexperienced users a dosage of 4-5 seeds would be Advisable at the beginning. CEVs (closed eyes visuals) are available on a large scale and are also very interesting, which I was able to control personally with my thoughts. OEVs (Open-Eyes-Visuals) are much smaller and more "human" than LSD. Nevertheless definitely not to be underestimated as the brain is more active than on LSD. Always pay attention to the set and setting and enjoy the effect, do not resist. Conclusion: great product! Have a good trip and fun: D

  • Traduit de French shaman
    the seeds simply c not bad may the best c to extract them to make 1 trip (basically I transform its into lsd practically ...)

  • Guigah
    Awesome!!! I just had the trip of my life!!! I ate 15 seeds and went to the chill out (I was on a trance festival), and stay there for 12hs I think... Unforgetable!

  • Tomì
    This seeds are powerful! I took six the first time and I lost completely the sense of reality, what was funny at the begin, but then it began to be not so happy as I thought. Then again fine at the end, but what for terrible 10 minutes I had :/ Woodrose seeds are no joke! Enjoy, but in a reasonable quantity, specially when it is the first time for you.

  • Crazy
    recently i acquired 96 of these seeds and the first time i consumed 3 and then throught the night i had eaten 11 more... the euphoric feeling is great and i was very active.. last night i ate 32 of these and i was trippin nuts from 5pm - 12 am and I havent felt that great in a long time.. but i shared with friends and out of 5 ppl 1 my ex gf ate 12 and felt nothing so i like this :)

  • B
    Be extremely careful with these. Many reviews that have been put here say that it didn't do anything. If i were you i'd eat a few at first and wait at least 2 hours. For me these were extremely intense! BE CAREFUL!

  • Jan
    One of the best drugs in my opinon Natural and soft Only bad thing ist that I have to womit for like an hour before it kicks in but on the other hand the relaxed feeling after that helps for a good trip

  • Christian
    First time users of psychedelics should not take more than 3. Experienced psychonaughts I recommend 5 to test the batch. There are plenty of extraction methods of LSA from these little beauties. But. If you want the true HBW experience just chew them and leave the pulp under your tongue for 5-10 minutes. Then swallow.. They taste like shit and you will feel nauseous. But if you want the full effects just suck it up Princess and deal with it. You will be rewarded for your efforts. South American Shamans believe that being sick is part of the healing process to cleanse the body. I usually go for a walk about an hour after taking them. Walking and sipping on a bottle of water helps me deal with the sickness. It takes about 2 hours for the first effects to start. They grow very slowly. So, DO NOT after 3 hours think, " this is mild, I need more". The full effects are maybe 5 or 6 hours after first taking them. Once you understand them then next time increase the dose. My first time I took 5. I felt philosophical, excited with life, completely in control of my body and totally grounded. So, the next day, I had 5 for breakfast then coffee, shower, cigarette etc, and went for a walk into the woods. On my way there I took 10 more (so, 15 in total). As the LSA started to kick in the philosophical grounded feelings started once again and I remember thinking, "this is like LSD but less intense". But then they got stronger, and stronger, and stronger... Do not underestimate these little seeds! I had a beautiful trip. But, I wasn't expecting a full LSD style trip. Alone in the woods was far too intense for me. I tried to work Google Maps to find my way home but my distortion of reality was overwhelming. Eventually, I found home and enjoyed another 6 hours of tripping. Enjoy. Stay safe. Chew then keep under the tongue. But most of all... start small then build up. They truly are a wonderful experience if treated with respect 👌

  • Traduit de French manou
    THE first time I tried Hawaiians, I was with my girlfriend and we were totally stoned with alcohol, I took 3 seeds and it didn't do anything to me. My girlfriend who weighs only 50 kg still felt a little effect similar to mushrooms. Two days later, after this experience, we decided to take 7 seeds each: 2 hours later, the effects were at their maximum, and we no longer understood anything. No notion of the passing hour, of the distance traveled or to be covered, uncontrollable euphoria at the sight of an unusual object, or a word or a sentence ... Big problems to eat or speak because our mouth was opening as if we ruminated, unlike taz or other neuron-killing substances. I have a memory of hilarity, pleasant dizziness, confusion .... It was quite interesting. Similar to mushrooms with less lucidity but more bodily halucination. Slight nausea, but you have to know how to wait for it to pass. My boyfriend stacked his seeds but still had the effect. It's still hard as an experience and you should not plan important things to do even the next day. Here is what for more info contact me. otherwise good trip

  • manou
    LA première fois que j'ai essayé les hawaian, j'étais avec ma copine et on étaient total défoncés à l'alcool, j'ai pris 3 graines et ça ne m'a rien fais du tout. Ma copine qui pèse que 50 kg a ressenti quand même un petit effet similaire aux champignons. Le surlendemain, dessus de cette experience, on décide d'en prendre 7 graines chacun: 2 heures plus tard, les effets étaient au maximum, et on ne comprenaient plus rien. Aucune notion de l'heure qui passe, de la distance parcourue ou à parcourir, euphorie incontrolable à la vue d'un objet insolite, ou un mot une phrase... Gros problèmes pour manger ou parler parceque notre bouche s'ouvrait comme si on ruminaient, à l'invers des taz ou autres substances tueuse de neurones. J'ai un souvenir d'hilarité, de vertiges agréables, de confusions.... C'étais assez interessant. Similaires aux champignions avec moins de lucidité mais plus d'halucination corporelle. Légères nausées, mais faut savoir attendre que ça passe. Ma cop a gerbé ses graines mais a quand même eu l'effet. C'est quand même hard comme experience et faut pas prévoir des choses importantes à faire même le lendemain. Voila quoi pour plus d'infos contactez-moi. sinon bon trip

  • shaman
    les graine simplemen c pas mal mai le mieux c de les extrair pour en fair 1 trip (en gros je trensforme sa en lsd pratiquemen...)

  • walou
    Rien, nada, walou! Au vu des commentaires ont on a pris que 3 chacuns que l 'on avait soignesement décortiqués avant. Aucuns effets si ce n'est une vague somnolence.

  • FloB
    J'avais deja bu 2l de biere quand j'ai pris trois graines pour la première fois. J'ai cassé chaque graine pour que l'infusion soit plus efficace, fait bouillir 20min et laissé refroidir 1h30, comme il est recommandé. J'ai bu ma potion à 23h, et à minuit j'ai commencé à avoir une bonne patate, jusqu'à 4h. Bonne humeur, locacité, energie. Pas d'hallu, mais une bonne sensation super agréable et plutot soutenue. En plus, aucun psychotage et on reste bien dans la réalité, bien avec les gens (on n'a pas l'air d'un fou...),bien dans ses pompes... Aucune mauvaise sensation à l'estomac. Selon moi, ces graines ont la médaille d'or des booster du site. TRES RECOMMANDABLE ! ! !

  • Traduit de German Pons
    Argyrea Nervosa just a great plant :) the seeds are great I was not a piece bad or anything the same :) it was a nice colorful evening: P I will definitely order them again :) i love it <3

  • Traduit de French black
    Tried it and not only once The effects are relatively strange: the first time I was super excited, I had halluses of red-blue-yellow and gray colors The second time it was super cooler , I was super relaxed. You have to try it but have a good stomach because the first hour is horrible for the stomach.

  • Traduit de German phoenix
    well .... is really a shit ... I already had some, where 5 seeds had stimulated me. was really good ... but I recently bought myself again .... then ate it gradually and I didn't notice anything .... in the end I might have eaten 21 pieces and still nothing happened ...... so I'll never get them again. little tip from me: get the hawaiians !!! are the best in my opinion

  • Traduit de French joe
    I took 4 times of his magic seeds (3 per trip) and his my was too too trippy, with friends we felt so comfortable partt kon rolled on the ground too happy with soft toys. On the other hand c the bad dan the metro lol. But you have to know ke to really get tripped up and feel the effects well, you should not have smoked weed or teushi all day before taking them and feeling the rise (with very unpleasant nausea but if you vomit directly it should go better after). After kan you are in full trip with hallu of color and feeling of comfort there you can smoke trankil bedos and you will see you go too kiffé on the weed its prolongs the trip.

  • Traduit de French Victor
    A little disappointed after 4 seeds ingested, I smoked a joint of dutch orange mix afterwards and it was left for 15h on a fenomenal trip.

  • Traduit de French nsx
    kedal, 10 grain no effect the next day 15 grains ag1 no effect c pee de chamo. it's theft

  • Traduit de French Kasten
    Guys who claim to have taken a slap on it are liars or people with strong self-persecution. 3 ..., 5 ..., 10 seeds ... in infu, in alcohol, directly ingested ... nada result! Lots of noise for that slab. Try the mushs instead. There you can chat. Disgusted!

  • Traduit de Samoan Christian
    similar to 5-apb less potent at equal dose but pleasure to find similar sensation as happiness.

  • Traduit de German Tr-808
    Brüüül I want my money back ... I would like to say .... we ordered 3 packs of 25. we crushed the seeds as described and did not even peel off the fuzz that was supposed to cause nausea ... some of us took 8 others even at the end 15 and the end of the story .... everything was like at the beginning ... .Nothing ...... Nothing happened nothing noticed .. felt .. ZeroKick ... pity really cost a lot of coal ...

  • Traduit de French FloB
    I had already drunk 2l of beer when I took three seeds for the first time. I broke each seed to make the infusion more effective, boil 20min and let cool for 1h30, as recommended. I drank my potion at 11pm, and at midnight I started having a good potato, until 4am. Good humor, locacity, energy. No hallu, but a good feeling, super pleasant and rather sustained. In addition, no psychotage and we stay in reality, good with people (we do not look crazy ...), well in his pumps ... No bad feeling in the stomach. In my opinion, these seeds have the gold medal of the booster of the site. VERY RECOMMENDABLE! ! !

  • Traduit de French Jeffplane
    WARNING !!! Disregard the comments of other users of these seeds. Test your tolerance before you throw yourself into the air. HBWs can be extremely powerful. Causing painful nausea, making you limp like you can't imagine, and having a hell of a time (which a friend of mine did) Make sure you have a good head before chewing more of 3 at the same time. Let yourself be carried away by the trip, refusing it is the guaranteed badtrip. Otherwise, chew them for half an hour while swallowing your saliva. Spit out the past half hour. This is the best way to have the biggest effect. HBWs take you to another world. Wonder of colors, return to the animal state. Me it makes me think a little of a rise of mushroom, just the rise before the hallus. Have a nice trip !

  • Lanimal
    De la bombe en graine. J'ai pris une graine 22h (que j'ai croqué), accompagné de 5 ou 6 shots de vodka/sirop, une petite bière. J'ai dormi à minuit. A 3h du mat, je suis reveillé par un rêve bref, mais qui m'a foutu la peur de ma vie (et pourtant niveau peur, je suis rodée) et là je me suis dis, "toc toc c'est l'effet". et C'était parti 6heures de trip. Pas un effet à vivre avec du monde, la foule. C'était presque de l'introspection pour moi. Là il est 12:16 et j'ai encore des vagues, des sensations, un espèce de flottement. Il faut le vivre comme un voyage, donc prévoir les meilleures conditions. Prévoir couverture ou au contraire aération en fonction de l'état du corps. Et pour les débutant, il FAUT ABSOLUMENT TESTER SON SEUIL DE RECEVABILITÉ DE CES GRAINES : il faut y aller progressivement. Les graines sont à croquer pas à avaler. Bien attendre avant de tout croquer. Le mieux c'est d'être accompagné de quelqu'un qui nous connait très bien et qu'on connait bien. Et puis, ne rien bloquer, se laisser porter. Mais présentement, c'est un de mes meilleurs trips, là je suis trop en paix avec moi-même ...

  • Moullé
    C'est cool mais c'est très dur de ne pas vomir si on a pas fait la préparation adéquat auparavant...

  • Opacki
    Pour dire court, le meilleur trip que j'ai eu après avoir testé la mesca, le lsd, les champis/truffes,... Faut dire que je me suis enfilé 1 paquet et demi de truffes (25grammes +-...) juste avant mais sans effets. 4h après les truffes toujours rien donc je me suis décidé à avalé les 6 graines et après les avoir bien mâché, LE VOYAGE de ma vie à enfin commencé! Dès que les bb woodrose ont traversés mon œsophage, j'ai senti l'arrière de mon cerveau s'alourdir. Après 20 minutes et un énooorme bedo, je matte ma mydriase dans le miroir tt en pissant. Je regarde de plus près et la dans ma pupille je me vois à l'infini dans le reflet de mes yeux. Le sourire est directement apparu sur mon visage, les effets ne se sont pas fait attendre! Je me suis donc décidé d'allé me coucher pour profiter de l'univers qui s'ouvre à moi. En touchant mon oreiller et mon visage d'une main je me suis clairement vu de haut, comme si j'étais au dessus de moi même, juste dingue! Et la je me suis rendu compte de la puissance de ces petites graines magiques et j'ai fermé les yeux. Chaque pensées était accompagnées d'hallu à une vitesse incroyable. On est conscient en même temps de ce à quoi on pense, des hallus, et de tout ce qui se passe dans notre corps, en passant du cerveau à l'estomac à part si on décide de se concentrer sur le sang qui coule entre les deux avec toujours les hallus en + :D J'ai failli coulé une larme tellement je me sentais en paix avec moi même et le monde. Je ressentais aucun besoin, juste du kiff à l'état pur. J'avais envie de serrer tous mes proches dans les bras et leur donner tout ce que j'ai de moi même tellement je me suis senti proche de tout ceux qui n'était pas avec moi pour profiter de toute la sagesse qui s'échappait de ces graines. Je les conseille pour qui veut réveiller sa conscience endormie et attention à la grosse claque de BAD pour ceux chez qui elle dort depuis trop longtemps. Et moi ça fait longtemps que je me suis plus réveillé aussi bien! Je suis arrivé au boulot tellement excité de ce qui venait de m'arriver, avec l'envie de transmettre ce plaisir par la parole mais c'est bien évidemment impossible. Pour finir, je me suis commandé 300 graines! Merci Shayana pour cette découverte.

    salut j ai pris une bonne perche pas violente mais marrante mais ca defonce le bide

  • Skizz
    Vraiment décu, j'ai cassé 8 graines dans de l'aclool fort, j'ai laissé massérer 3 jours tout en secouant 3-4 fois par jour. J'ai bu mon p'tit verre avant d'aller à une soirée minimal. Ça a mis un moment a faire effet... si je peux dire ça comme ça... une montée de chaleur, je me sentais pas bien, envie de vomir, puis c'était bizarre, impression d'avoir fumé mais en étant normal, c'est pas super agréable, puis retour à l'état normal. Quelques minutes après, denouveau les mêmes sensations. Ça m'a fait ça toute la soirée... c'était pas le top. Je suis rentré chez moi dormir, j'ai pas réussi à fermer l'oeil et j'étais tellement creuvé que j'ai pris des médic' pour dormir. Bref en gros, envie de vomir à plusieurs reprises. Dommage. J'ai gardé 2 graines pour essayer de les faire repousser ^^

  • Lex
    J'ai fait mariner 8 graines dans de l'eau et du citron pendant 6h après les avoir écrasées. Puis on s'est partagé la décoction avec un ami : pour lui, le mot qui a résumé l'expérience, c'était "bizarre", pour moi c'était "psychédélique". On était incroyablement mous, avachis par terre, à écouter du bon son et à discuter. On avait du mal à tenir debout, et je ressentais une sorte de picotement, surtout au niveau des lèvres. J'ai eu pas mal de déformations visuelles, un peu comme avec les champis. Au rayon des effets négatifs, de grosses nausées, bien que le liquide aie été filtré, et malgré la prise d'anti-vomitifs, et en fin de trip, poitrine comprimée et difficulté à respirer, sinon que du bon. A ne surtout pas prendre pour sortir, vaut mieux être bien calé.

  • Victor
    Un peu decu apre 4 graines ingere, jai fummer un joint de dutch orange mix apre et cest partit pendant 15h en trip fenomenal

  • Victor
    les hbw ne mon certainement pas rendu indifferent. malgre une longue attente le trip est definitivement present mais il faut savoir l'assumer.

  • NkO
    Très curieux les HBW... j'en ai mangé 6 la 1ere fois, pas de pb au ventre, léger effet trip mais sans plus... Le lendemain je décide d'en mettre 10 en gélules, aucun effet. Le soir même j'en reprend 10 en les mâchant ce coup-ci, et là j'ai été pris de violentes crampes d'estomac et intestinales, suivies d'une chiasse épique. Par contre, aucun effet psyché, ni mental ni visuel... Donc assez déçu dans l'ensemble, rien à voir avec un bon buvard à l'ancienne ! J'éviterai à l'avenir...

  • Albert
    franchement j'ai mangé 4 graines j'ai décollé ( c'est peut-être pas comme ça qu'on les prend mais je suis anti conformiste) par contre c'est puissant il faut un minimum d'expérience dans la gestion des hallucinogènes. Mais une fois j'en ai pris qu'une (celle qui restait) et ça m'a donné un petit effet euphorisant bien sympathique.

  • Victoria
    Bien reçu le produit au bout d'une semaine même si on est en confinement, merci shayana ! Plus qu'à tester et je vous dirais mon avis ;-) Et petite surprise : une graine en plus, encore merci Shayana !

  • Traduit de Italian Mauro
    Only 3 seeds took off, I started hearing a melody that came from within me. Then I had other visions. Unfortunately I was nauseated and vomited, but the effect was nice and stronger than I expected. Thanks shayana :)

  • Traduit de German Slawomir
    So a tip from me to everyone you have to make sure that the seeds are hard and not soft because if they are soft they no longer work. best just 10 packs baby woodrose ..... nice trip

  • Traduit de German mAd r0b0t
    So far only had positive experiences on the things! Ultra long lasting trips between reality and imagination, euphoric conditions like on pills! Only the coming down is violent, you feel totally drained, but with smoke you can do it more gently!

  • lennonj
    j'ai essayé 2 graines: que dalle... 5 graines: que dalle... 10 graines broyées et laissées plusieurs jours dans de l'alcool: ça m'a fait autant d'effet que des carottes bouillies... quelle merde! autant prendre des champs, au moins on est sur de s'envoler.

  • Stevenson
    Tres déçu, j'en ai pris 5 et ca m'a quasiment rien fait... Du moins rien de tripant... Je pense pas en reprendre...

  • Gorka
    Trés déçu, j'en ai bouffer 9 en infu et vraiment aucun effet. C'est trés décevant je m'attendais vraiment à ressentir au moins un ptit effet et en efait ça fait vraiment rien.

  • nox
    trés bizar c ptite choz la premiére fois que jen avai pris rien de pariculier otan dire a chier et ce week on en a pris 6 et environ 1.5l de 8.6 on a complétment capoté fous rire a 3h du mat en foret bref le panard alors moi jc plus quoi en pencer !

  • Badnounours
    Très bizar c tite choz la!!! Avec un pote on sen é acheté on en a pris 7 chacun et on aV enleV la couche cela nous aV strictemen rien fé bien que mélanG ac de lalcool...Puis jen é pri une 2eme foi 11 cette foi san enlevé la couche et rien ds la soirée mm ac alcool encore une foi pui pa bien pdt tte la journée suivante( mal o bid ) pui ver 17h alor ke je me reposé GROSSE HALU de malade pdt qq minute je ne voyé plu mé bra et plus de repere ds lespace de tt mon corp et tjs la mm image devan mé yeux :p pui c paC...L st TRES bizar ;)

  • nsx
    kedal, 10 grain aucun effet le lendem1 15 grainne ag1 aucun effet c du pipi de chamo. c du vol

  • nono
    tres etrange j en ai bouffé 9 avec l estomac plein et des bonbons (pas trop) : aucun effet par contre un pote a la meme dose voyait des cowboys en restant allongé sur le canap et en vomissant de temps a autres par contre je me suis senti bizarre pendant une semaine pourtant je n'etais pas un novice par contre avec les morning glory aie

  • psyxav
    rien nada zero pointé.....................commande de 40 graines pour une soirée entre amis............ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!j'en avais essayer 4 plusieurs fois et a chaque la balle gros delir de ouf du non stop pendants des heures et des heures....là 10 d'un coup rien de chez rien...........soit il m'ont envoyer des graines pour oiseaux soit............. je cherche toujours!!!!!bref shayana vous avez super merder sur ce coup là!!!!

  • vinz
    c'est sans doute le produit le plus fou de la creation....mais reservé aux initiés sous peine de pas d'effet ou de grave decompensation. pour moi c'est LE Trip.

  • Traduit de French xZen
    Personally, I didn't like this trip too much, I don't know but I had nausea all the time, but very unpleasant as well as my friends. We feel it passed but hey it must be tried .. Nothing to say other than that. ++

  • Traduit de French ANDRADES
    hi I took a good pole, not violent but funny but it smashes the gut

  • Traduit de German Love
    10 pieces and I have overcome my alcohol and cigarette addiction! after the vomit the nausea was not gone. I was also scared to death and the worst pain in my legs, felt like I was in bed forever and wanted it to stop! not a pleasant trip for me

  • Traduit de French NkO
    Very curious the HBW ... I ate 6 the first time, no pb in the stomach, slight trip effect but nothing more ... The next day I decided to put 10 in capsules, no effect. The same evening I took 10 more, chewing them this time, and there I was seized with violent stomach and intestinal cramps, followed by an epic shit. On the other hand, no psyche effect, neither mental nor visual ... So quite disappointed overall, nothing to do with a good old-fashioned blotter! I will avoid in the future ...

  • Traduit de German Knuhben
    The first time I took 5 seeds. The fluff did not scrape and chew. After about 10 minutes, slight nausea occurred. This became stronger in the next 10 minutes and turned into STRONG euphoria. I was only grinning, laughing and for 7 hours especially amazement !! Great experience and always happy. I can only recommend it to everyone;)

  • Traduit de French lepev
    For those who have not felt anything, watch out for the inconsiderate dose increase. They must already be well prepared and then it is a natural product which is therefore likely to have powers that are not always identical. Ask people who know the products in question.

  • Traduit de French clement
    we ate 4 each with 3 friends and frankly almost no effect. A little disgusted especially since I had tried before with 3 larger seeds than I had had by a guy and there, beware the def '. Maybe you have to eat a dozen ?!

  • Traduit de Spanish Paco
    These mushrooms are incredible ... I never thought that the mind could do so many things. At the moment you are immersed in a world where everything is different sensations for your mind ... you have never lived something like that in your head ... and everything you create ... I don't know ... they are for testing ... with a dose of 0.6 / 0.7 and you will see life differently ... hehehe I'm just saying that ... if you have a chance and you have already tried some other mushroom, try this one ... which are undoubtedly the best.

  • Traduit de German Christopher
    So can only say with 8 pieces it goes off, have fun friends :-) :-)

  • Traduit de French Azimut
    What more can we say that the experience is unforgettable and sensational. I took 6 which I chewed for 45 minutes and an hour / an hour and a half later I was completely in another world. Do not plan an activity that requires a lot of energy, I advise you to have a relaxed evening with close friends on armchairs in front of a fire. being outdoors or around a lot of people can become aggressive. it is as if your consciousness becomes more present than your body, thoughts are abundant ... it was truly an unforgettable experience that will change my life!

  • Traduit de French Stevenson
    Very disappointed, I took 5 and it did almost nothing to me ... At least nothing trippy ... I do not think about taking more ...

  • Traduit de Spanish drg
    I ate this Saturday 5 seeds, crushing them in a juice (I drank the seeds too) the trip lasted 6h. It started at 2am. approx. of having taken it. They were very nice visuals. My girlfriend and I were lying in bed and we had the feeling of not physically existing ... of being only our voices ... when we stopped talking and focused on music we left the room. I also concentrated on my own breathing and noticed that it was just that: the breath ... as if it were only my soul. Then there was a second phase, where I was able to confront my internal demons (as in the ayahuasca shots) and I noticed how I could expel a couple of them. The funny thing is that she could see that process, without having said anything ... she had the visualization of seeing my demons and my bad part without explaining anything ... that if you feel drunk all the time and impossible to move, the body like a puppet. The first time I bought here I felt nothing but a bit of visual and emotional effects ... but nothing more. The second time ... jackpot!

  • Traduit de French Katzz
    And in addition we took 12 each (hawaian baby woodrose no shrooms) and it did nothing more ...

  • Traduit de French Shamans
    My first psychedelic trip happened with these seeds, only taken 3 on an empty stomach, chewed well for easy 5 mins each then swallowed with a big green water! I then had 3 hours of nausea but really unbearable, I struggled not to vomit in order to be sure to have a maximum effect and afterwards I had a big euphoric rise, the banana nailed to the face for 4 hours !!

  • Traduit de German Friedemann
    Oh yes ...

  • Traduit de French nox
    very weird c ptite choz the first time that I took nothing in particular nato to say shit and this week we took 6 and about 1.5l of 8.6 we were completely crazy laughing at 3am in the forest in short the panard then me jc more what in pencer!

  • Traduit de French Lex
    A perfect little mixture to calm down. The taste is not bad (even if it is not transcendent) and the result is there. We feel lighter, a little hovering (depending on the dosage). Nickel after a hard day

  • Traduit de French soso
    G ordered 10 of c seeds (deadline super well respected) for 1 1st test ... Very disappointed with my 1st experience, g wanted to do it cool and take it easy so I put ONLY 3 pdt 5H approx in 1 glass of Drunk the whole thing on an empty stomach, not too much nausea may have a weird feeling in the gut ... and nothing at all that bad! ... I remembered that birdseed! ... 2d + tar g wanted to be clear. For the 2nd experience everything is different, I already ate them (on the other hand well chewed then swallowed then because in my opinion if we swallow them directly the stomach should not digest them so much c hard good c sur c pa super pleasant may after that be forgotten ite) always on empty stomach by removing the film ki covers them, may this faith g taken the 7 kilos remained to me! g pa u tro of nausea may still this feeling Weird in the stomach and after 1 hour tjs nothing it took a little longer May kan ct left and it was growing well.G serious trippé early in the evening and even if the only one to have consumed the others on good laughs too Si.G pa u d'hallu mai Very well c p'tite seed the next time I order 25 and we take 10 each with 1 friend! To be continued ...

  • Traduit de French patrick
    Here is one of the best recipes for preparing the seeds for consumption: it is the same as "popcorn" (see recipe in 1 cookbook), put the seeds in a pan (hot) and grill until that the seeds open with a popping noise then stop (do not burn them!); then pound to obtain a fine powder. It only remains to put the powder to infuse then filter and drink or put the powder in empty capsules and ingest :) NOTE: these seeds serve as a trip amplifier for the mushroom the length of the trip goes from 6h to 10h and the power x 3. CAUTION: do not do this if you are a beginner, you must know your tolerance level for the various products perfectly. RESEVE for people with long experience.

  • Traduit de Spanish dd
    It is the third time that I repeat .... I only say that xd When you eat them it does make you nauseous but you erupt and leave. the best thing is to eat sideways hahahahaha and be lying on the grass laughing all the time, you see more colorful to go out partying tmb it is good visually accelerates you but the body you notice it more like that to move you have to push like bum hehehehe bye

  • Traduit de French Gueshkiller
    Frankly null these seeds !!! I have eaten 5 the first time and apart from the belly pain no effect and the second time the same with 5 seeds and no effect either. He fo can be to swallow at least twenty ché pa in case I am too disappointed. I vs recommend pa buy some if you want a real high worthy of the name ... + the perched

  • Traduit de German Pi
    Had several wonderful experiences with the seeds. Have not taken more than three seeds per trip yet. The trips turned out to be significantly different. From light kaleidoscopic optics when you saw the canopy of the forest to a trip to my subconscious where I had to fight a kite on the way, everything was there. What has been very pronounced on every trip so far was, on the one hand, tiredness, which I perceived as pleasant, but some of my friends suffered from it, and, on the other hand, a very strong gravitational pull.No matter where we were and ran, and no matter how strong or weak the trip turned out - we always landed on the ground and found ourselves feeling the grass, the stream, the mud, with the body. I love these seeds and recommend them to anyone who wants to try them out. :)

  • Traduit de French lennonj
    I tried 2 seeds: that slab ... 5 seeds: that slab ... 10 seeds crushed and left for several days in alcohol: it had as much effect on me as boiled carrots ... shit! we might as well take fields, at least we are sure to fly away.

  • Traduit de French DRi
    too good these little seeds !!! the climb is a little weird, a little psychotike and a huge stomach ache, but you must not block on these sensations, after an hour the maleter leaves, and there it is set off for the trip! !! full of colors, and a huge desire to communicate with those around you, heightened senses, and in addition, great shape! The effect lasts long enough, there is no descent, but on the contrary, an excellent mood the next day and the next few days! The effect begins to become interesting beyond the 4 seeds. Apart from the belly sickness, these little seeds are really perfect !!! thank you shayana !!!

  • Traduit de French walou
    Nothing, nada, walou! In view of the comments we took only 3 each that we had carefully shelled before. No effects except a vague drowsiness.

  • Traduit de Dutch dragon
    we took 5 seeds each and felt little or nothing of it. disappointing .....

  • Traduit de French Gorka
    Very disappointed, I ate 9 infu and really no effect. It's very disappointing I really expected to feel at least a little effect and in fact it really doesn't matter.

  • Traduit de French feman
    1st test with hbw 3 seeds crushed a la va kom I push you in a chewing gum, chewed for half an hour, I bought the cheapest ... because the 5 to 9 euros are roughly expensive .. .and there I wait ... I think 6 or 7 seeds should give kelkes things then crushed and in a chewing gum or crushed and let macerate in cold water for a few hours at least 6h see 12h I know pa too'vais see ...

  • Traduit de French dimitri
    frankly not bad at all these little seeds !! 7 each with a buddy chewing for an hour with a cheewing gum !! and booom !! It makes me a little inclined to an acid trip !!

  • Traduit de German kathi
    bad bad bad ... we had 50 seeds for 3 people and what was .... nothing! nothing ..... not even a hint of effect ... that's what I call ma drug .... * grummelz *

  • Traduit de German efterlysande
    Hi, I (f, 55kg) prepared 10 seeds as Rene wrote (here in the comments). Unfortunately, I was still sick all the time, I had to choke but didn't vomit, so I couldn't drink anything. Otherwise I found the seeds potent. I intended to find answers to certain questions in my life and went alone on a mountain slope. So I had almost no optics, which wasn't important, because I wasn't looking for that. I got an answer. Overall comparable to LSD, but without all the "flowery" accessories - in society that would be nothing to me. PS As with sport, even with such physical exertion I can advise everyone to drink well BEFORE you need the water in the cells, not in the stomach. So I was able to survive the "dry spell" well.

  • Traduit de French chris
    good trip (pa more than 4) bizarre effect may be sustained. We are taken by nausea the 2 first hour of May of the ke its rise, we forget everything and the c smile stuck during 7h; giggles; and great need of POURKOI SOMME NOU LA ??? tested

  • Traduit de French Did
    Frankly, I was too surprised by this little seed! The first 3 hours were more nauseated but surely not having prepared the thing well, it is normal, It is then that it c spoiled with a rise of 3 hours or I did not catch anything, funny phisyque sensation almost unbearable! and we only took 2 each !! It's crazy what a little seed can hide !!

  • Traduit de French vinz
    it is undoubtedly the craziest product of creation .... but reserved for the initiated under penalty of no effect or serious compensation. for me it's THE Trip.

  • Traduit de French Badnounours
    Very bizarre c tite choz la !!! With a friend we felt bought we took 7 each and we took off the diaper that gave us strictly nothing although mixed with alcohol ... then I took a 2nd time 11 this faith without removing the diaper and nothing as of the evening mm ac alcohol one more faith then pa well pdt head the next day (bad o bid) then around 5 pm then I rested BIG HALU of sick pdt qq minute I no longer saw me bra and no more benchmarks in the space of all my body and all the mm image in front of my eyes: p pui c paC ... L st VERY weird;)

  • Traduit de French nono
    very strange I ate 9 with a full stomach and candy (not too much): no effect on the other hand a friend at the same dose saw cowboys while lying on the sofa and vomiting from time to time on the other hand I got felt weird for a week yet i was not a novice though with morning glory aie

  • Traduit de German Sasa
    Absolutely great !!!!! Delivery took a long time (almost 30 days) and I was worried that my package would not arrive. I ordered ten and chewed and swallowed five each. (Before that the white scraped off) experience was awesome, everyone who is interested should test it. Thanks Shayana !!

  • Traduit de French yosh

  • Traduit de German Djerrah
    are ok if you take 10-15, underneath almost no effect

  • Traduit de French tomtom
    These little truffles are really nice, I really recommend them to those who want to try a trip without a bad trip (10-15g is good), colors in the canon printer version best resolution and fun guaranteed. moreover I would like to add that one remains to put of its spirit and its words. THANK YOU SHAYANA

  • Traduit de German Sarariman
    I gave it with a couple of buddies. The pals each ate only 2 seeds and some had hallus, some had no effects. I ate 3 and hell started. Really gave me the crappiest night of my life. Sometime after about 4 hours of paranoid delusions, I finally vomited things out. (And: YES I SCRIPTED THE WHITE FLUM THOROUGHLY)

  • Christian
    Perfect for micro-dosing! Before going to a doctor for chemically produced antidepressants try taking 1 HBW everday. Nature's natural antidepressant 👌

  • xZen
    Personnellement je n'ai pas trop aimé ce trip , je ne sais pas mais j'ai eu des nausé tout le temps , mais beaucoup de désagréable ainsi que mes amis . On le sent passé mais bon il faut l'essayé .. Rien a dire a part ca . ++

  • Did
    Franchement, g été trop étonné de cette petite graine ! Les 3 premieres heures étais plus des nausé mais n'ayant surement pas préprarer bien la chose, c'est normal, C'est ensuite que ca c gaté avec une montée de 3h ou la j'ai rien capté, des drole de sensation phisyque presque insupportable ! et on en a pris que 2 chacun !! C fou ce qu'une petite graine peut cacher !!

  • chris
    bon trip ( pa + de 4) effet bizare mai soutenu. On es pris par une nausé les 2 premiere heure mai des ke sa monte, on oubli tou et la c sourire scoché pendan 7h; fou rire; et gran besoin de POURKOI SOMME NOU LA??? a testé

  • black
    L'ai essayé et pas qu'une fois.Effets sont relativement étranges:la première j'ai été super excité,j'ai eu des hallus de couleurs rouge-bleu-jaune et grises.La seconde fois ça a été super plus cool,j'ai été superrelaxé.Il faut l'essayer mais avoir le ventre bien accroché parce que la première heure est horrible pour l'estomac.

  • clement
    on s'en est mangé 4 chacun avec 3 potes et franchement quasi aucun effet. Un peu dégouté surtout que j'avais essayé auparavant avec 3 graines plus grosses que j'avais eu par un gars et là, attention la def'. IL faut peut-etre en manger une dizaine?!Dommage

  • Jack
    I have had mixed experience with these things- eg eaten seven and had no pschedelic effect. However i have been on FULL BLOWN trips off a mere 3 seeds. Also a friend of mine went pretty west off only 4 seeds and was tripping for 16+ hours during most of which time he didnt realise he was actually human, he had previous experience with acid and mushrooms aswell. Overall i would say take these seeds as the trips you can get off them are truly amazing just be careful with the doses.

  • Nick
    I ate seven seeds, and they gave me much stomach discomfort. However, after smoking a bowl of marijuana, the stomach pains went away and I was thrown into a psychedelic journey of trippiness!

    I tried these with a friend. We found this rrcipe on the net. 1:Crush and soak seeds in 3 tablespoons lime juice for 30mins (remember take off fuzz)IN a big glass, stirr every 10mins.2: Fill glass up with orange juice and drink down3: Chug the gunk in the end, This was great we had very little nausea and a nice strong trip(8 SEEDS). shayanashop rocks

  • Macca
    GREAT service,quick and discreet delivery,the real deal and after you've bought their online support is da best,11.AS FOR THESE SEEDS,didnt do much for me,definately not tripping per-sae,i felt a little 'different'(whats new lol)body felt weird,eyes were big,voice was funny,it was like waiting for an acid,E,shrooms to kick in proper,feeling the first effects,hangin on for takeoff but the petrol ran out lol.But i only took 4??AND i didn't eat the shells??Did i do wrong?

  • minde
    i ate six,i got very good and long trip,some stomack discomfort,but after that it was amazing!!!!!

  • warriorphilosopher
    I ate 7 for the first time,with smoke and 8 g of magic mexicanos.drink tea while chewing.i have travelled to the universe.these woodrose got some boost!!

  • Katzz
    Et en plus on en a prit 12 chacuns (de hawaian baby woodrose pas de champis) et ca a rien fait en plus...

  • ya
    bon ben moi ça a marché à chaque fois que j'en ai pris. je déconselle de les macher, le lsa abime les dents. pour éviter la nausée le mieux est d'en broyer 8/12 et de les faire macérer 12 à 18h00, filtrer ou non avant consommation. il y en a qui les font macérer dans de la salive (heurg!!!), à vous de voir.

  • Hugo
    FINI LE MAL DE VENTRE ! ! !Mode d'emploi lol: Broyer 3 à 4 graines, mettre les miettes dans un verre d'eau pendant 3 à 6 heures, filtré avec un deuxieme verre et un mouchoir afin de garder le liquide et jeter les miettes (ou boire doucement en laissant les miettes au fond, mais on risque de boire les bouts de peau et c ca qui fait mal au bide). Boire lol, aucune nausé ! ! ! ! !ENJOY

  • Gueshkiller
    Franchement nulles ces graines !!! j'en est bouffé 5 la premiere fois et à part le mal de bide aucun effet et la seconde fois pareil avec 5 graines et aucun effet non plus . Il fo peut etre en gober au moins une vingtaine ché pa en tt cas je suis trop décu . Je vs recommende pa d'en acheter si vs voulez une vrai defonce digne de ce nom ...@+ les perchés

  • Mescalito
    Vu les commentaires, je pense que vous ne savez pas les préparer !! Le plus important est de les BROYER !!!!! Le LSA est à l'intérieur de la graine et elles sont trop dures pour que l'estomac les dissoudent !! Exemple personnel : 10 graines pas broyées = Nada, rien de chez rien !! 5 graines broyées = grosse claque dans ta face !!Alors arretez de les avaler comme ça, ça sert à rien !! Pensez à les broyer !!!

  • yosh

  • lepev
    Pour tous ceux qui n'ont rien ressenti, attention au augmentation de dose inconsiderée. Déjà il faut bien les preparer et ensuite c'est un produit naturel donc suceptible d'avoir des puissances pas toujours identiques. Renseignez vous aupres de gens qui connaissent les prod en question.Prudence et Bonne défonce

  • Kasten
    Les mecs qui prétendent avoir pris une claque avec ça sont des menteurs ou des gens dotés d'une forte auto-persuation. 3...,5...,10 graines... en infu, dans l'alcool, directement ingérées... résultat nada ! Beaucoup de bruit pour que dalle. Essayez plutôt les mushs. Là, vous pourrez causer. Dégouté !

  • DRi
    trop bonnes ces petites graines!!! la montée est un peu bizarre, un peu psycotike et un enorme mal de ventre, mais il faut pas bloquer sur ces sensations, au bout d'une heure le malètre s'en va, et la, c'est partit pour le voyage!!! pleins de couleurs, et une énorme envie de communiquer avec son entourage, les sens exacerbés, et en plus, une super forme! L'effet dur assez longtemps, il n'y a pas de descente, mais au contraire, une exellente humeur le lendemain et les quelques jours qui suivent! L'effet commence a devenir interressant au dela des 4 graines. Mis a part le mal au bide, elles sont vraiment parfaites ces petites graines!!!merci shayana !!!

  • joe
    j'ai pri 4 fois de ses graines magiques (3 par trip) et sa ma fai trop trop trippé, avec des potes on se sentai tellement confortable partt kon se roulai par terre trop heureu avec des peluches. Par contre c le bad dan le metro lol. Mais il faut savoir ke pour vraiment trippé et bien ressentir les effets il ne fau pas avoir fumé de weed ou de teushi de la journée avant de les prendre et de ressentir la monté (avec nausé tres desagréable mais si vous vomissez direct sa devrai aller mieu apres). Apres kan vous etes en plein trip avec hallu de couleur et sentiment de confort la vous pouvez fumé des bedos trankil et vous allez voir vous allez trop les kiffé surtt la weed sa prolonge le trip.

  • weedman21
    13 graines bien machée ds la bouch avc 10mn de masération sou la langue!!avalé le tou!!grosse nausé pdt 1h 1h30 pui grosse monté fasson champis mé en plus fort!!!ensuite hallu total pdt 5h non stop!!tro violent sé tite graine!!!!just y fo savoir les prdre!!!

  • tomtom
    c'esst vraiment sympa ces petites truffes, vraiment je conseil à ceux qui veulent essayer un voyage sans bad trip (10-15g c'est bien), couleurs à la version imprimante canon meilleure resolution et rigolade garantie. de plus je tiens à rajouter que l'on reste mettre de son esprit et de ses paroles. MERCI SHAYANA

  • Shamans
    Mon premier trip de psychédélique s'est produit avec ces graines, seulement pris 3 sur ventre vide, bien machées pendant facile 5 mins chacune puis avalées avec un grand vert d'eau ! J'ai eu ensuite 3heure de naussée mais vraiment insuportable, je luttais pour ne pas vomir afin d'etre sur d'avoir un maximum d'effet et la apres j'ai eu une grosse montée euphorique, la banane cloué au visage pdt 4h !!

  • JuJu
    J'ai commandé 10 de ces graines. J'en ai pris 5 sur ventre vide, les effets se sont fait vite sentir après un légér mal au ventre: Sens exacerbés, bonne humeur, l'impression de flotter. J'ai réitéré l'expérience avec les 5 graines restantes quelques jours après: idem, excellent. Du coup je viens d'en commander 25 pour en prendre 10 d'un coup. Très bon produit et pas cher.

  • soso
    G commandé 10 de c graines(délai super bien respecté)pour 1 1er essai...Trés déçue de ma 1ère expérience,g voulu faire ca cool et y aller mollo j'en ai donc mis QUE 3 pdt 5H env ds 1 verre d'eau.Bu le tout sur ventre vide,pa tro u de nausée mai d sensation bizarre ds le rien du tout que dal!...j'me suis mem di que c t d graines à oiseaux!...2j + tar g voulu en avoir le coeur net.Pour la 2ème expérience tout es différent,déjà j les ai mangé(par contre bien machée puis avlée ensuite car a mon avis si on les avale direct l'esomac ne doi pa les digérer tellement c dur bon c sur c pa super agréable mai aprés ça s'oubli ite)tjs sur ventre vide en enlevant la pellicule ki les recouvre,mai cet foi g pris les 7 kil me restait!g pa u tro de nausée mai encor cet sensation bizzare ds le ventre et au bout d'1H tjs rien il a fallu 1 peu plus de temps mai kan c t parti c t bien la et ca poussait bien.G grave trippé tt la soiré et mem si g t la seule a avoir consommé les autres on bien rigolé aussi.G pa u d'hallu mai Tro bien c p'tite graine la prochaine foi j' en commande 25 et on en pren 10chacun avec 1pote!A suivre...

  • patrick
    Voici une des meilleurs recttes pour préparer les graines a la consomation: c'est la meme que les "pop-corn"(voir recette dans 1 livre de cuisine), mettre les graines dans une poele(a chaud) et faire griller jusqu'a ce que les graines s'ouvrent avec un bruit d'éclat ensuite arretter(ne pas les calciner!); ensuite piler pour obtenir une fine poudre. Il ne reste plus qu'a mettre la poudre a infuser puis filtrer et boire ou bien mettre la poudre dans des gellules vides et ingerer :) NOTE: ces graines servent d'amplificateur de trip au champis la longueur du trip passe de 6h a 10H et la puissance x 3. ATTENTION: ne pas faire cela si vous etes debutants,il faut connaitre parfaitement son seuil de tolerance aux differents produits.RESEVE au personnes experimentées de longue date.

  • Azimut
    Quoi dire de plus que l'expérience est inoubliable et sensationnelle. J'en ai pris 6 que j'ai mâchés pendant 45 minutes et une heure/une heure et demie plus tard j'étais complètement dans un autre monde. Ne prévoyez pas une activité qui requiert beaucoup d'énergie, je vous conseille de faire une soirée relaxe avec des amis proches sur des fauteuils devant un feu. être dehors ou entouré de beaucoup de gens peut devenir agressant. c'est comme si votre conscience devenait plus présente que votre corps, les pensées sont abondantes... c'était vraiment une expérience inoubliable qui va changer ma vie!

  • Traduit de feman
    1er test avec hbw 3 graines broyées à la va kom j'te pouss dans un chewing gum,maché pendant 1 demie heure,j'ai acheté les moins cher...parce ke les 5 à 9euros à peu près ca fait là j' penses ke 6 ou 7 graines devrait donner kelkes choses alors broyées et dans un chewing gum ou bien broyées et laisser macérer dans de l'eau froide pendant pa mal d'heure au moins 6h voir 12h je sais pa trop'vais voir...

  • Jeffplane
    ATTENTION !!! Ne tenez pas compte des commentaires des autres utilisateurs de ces graines. Testez votre seuil de tolérance avant de vous envoyer en l'air. Les HBW peuvent être extrêmement puissantes. Causer des nausées douloureuses, vous rendre mous comme vous ne pouvez l'imaginer, et vous faire passer un moment infernal (qui a été le cas pour un ami à moi) Soyez certain d'avoir le cerveau bien accroché avant d'en mâcher plus de 3 en même temps. Laissez vous porter par le trip, le refuser c'est le badtrip assuré. Sinon, mâcher les pendant une demi heure en avalant votre salive. Crachez la demi heure passée. C'est le meilleur moyen pour avoir le plus gros effet. Les HBW vous emmènent dans un autre monde. Émerveillement des couleurs, retour à l'état animal. Moi ça me fait un peu penser à une montée de champote, juste la montée avant les hallus. Bon voyage !

  • dimitri
    franchement pas mal du tous ces petite graine!! 7 chacun avec un pote macher pendant une heure avec un cheewing gum!! et booom!! ca me fait un peut pencé a un trip d'acid!!

  • Zooq
    Took 9 big ones and put them into a coffee grinder. I placed the powder under my tongue and let it stand there for some time, I don't know how long for we were in a restaurant/bar. Prolly form 15 to 30minutes. Then I gulped it down with a sip of beer (only a sip) and started to feel a bit nauseous after half an hour. About an hour and I had the first vibes from these, very strange spacy feeling when we drove to our tripping place with my friend. After arrival it took only like half an hour and I started to dance while eating some chocolate. I danced and ran around the house like a kiddo. The feeling got really peculiar and surreptitious at this point and I kinda felt like melting away from myself and the world. I sat down and chatted with my friend who also ate these but not so many, we felt like being very high from weed with a wicked touch. This touch included bad nausea and stomach problems, I wanted to puke so badly but nothing came out and the bad feeling lasted until visuals started. There was like 3-4 hours of rising and then about 7 hours visuals. In the latter phase I couldn't get up from the couch while watching (closed eyes) morphing colour tunnels where I "flew" with a notable speed. When I opened my eyes swirling spirals spinned and exploded colourfully everywhere incessantly. I was in a Lucky Luke saloon (or it seemed so) and in faster time than others. My mind ran normally to me but everybody else moved extremely slowly and they spoke like utter retards (mainly because of the slowliness). I also had a strong feeling that they are not feeling well and they're dying (they were drunk ^^). These seeds were wacko and actually worked for me very well (unlike Azarius smartshop seeds). Experience was beautiful when I count of the horrible nausea. + I was pretty dumbstruck the next day and wasn't really the fast brained me. But the eyesight enhancing psychedelic attribute lingered on to the morning hours and I enjoyed the sun sincerely.

  • Jami
    The first time I tried these seeds, I had heard from my friend that's worth a try. So I put in an order to go and was waiting excited about the incoming packet. I peeled seeds of 12 pieces, so that I got up the black insides (I have heard that the seed husking may prevent you from a little nausea before the trip) and I threw the goods in my mouth, chew, and rinsed with water... Nausea started about half an hour, but it was not even unbearable, and at the same time I felt tired and lazy and did not want to move or do anything else so I waited ... Then about two hours after waiting I had a little energy peak and I started to feel euphoria, so I decided to put some music (Massive Attack was my choise), and when I got on my feet I noticed how the environment began to spin and float... neon color waves began to move along the walls, as cubensis mushroom trips tend to happen, and as almost always been consumed psychedelic products, I wanted out of the bosom of nature, a real trip seemed to be the best in the wild, and I felt I was one with everything around me, and I was able to see life in the trees and plants... and the wonderful colors flashing... and heaven and nature and all together... Aaaah! Every moment seemed worth it! I recommend to anyone,but remember that you have to know your own limits, and the recommended dose should not be exceeded as I did, but I'm an experienced acid head! And I Love This Product! :D

  • kemal
    i rated this seeds as 1 by mistake, those are certenly deserve five stars. try them you wont be regret (:

  • Cheickna
    Good stuff but they make u puke

  • Robin
    you don't have to eat about 10 seeds, 3-8 are totally okay for the experience.. if you eat more its possible you dont get the trip. don't know why.. i had 6-7 lsa trips and they all were very difficult: i remember that i was enlightened in the one and in the next trip it feeled like my life energy flowed out of me till my numb body was only full of pain. its like a fucking cube :) sry for bad english - enjoy your trip :)

  • Garry
    hi guys,can i just quickly say,10/10 for fast delivery,as for the baby woodrose,didnt know what to expect,read a few reviews and decided to take the whole 10 seeds.I chewed them with a piece of juicy fruit chewing gum for about 20 minutes,about 10 minutes after swallowing the sicky feeling kicked in,wasnt to bad,then the seeds kicked in.Well,i was totally rubbered,lying on the couch,couldnt move,heavy head trip feelin,could hardly speak,time seemed to slow right down.After about an hour and a half i could feel myself drifting away,into like a trance/sleep state,dont try fight it,let it take you to where ever your mind takes you.I was out for about an hour,felt like 3 hours,came round with a feeling of being somewhere spiritual,then really bad sore stomach,went to toilet and vomited,sat down in toilet and drifted away somewhere else for another couple of hours.Overall,amazing experience,i have done lsd and magic mushrooms in the past,but these are totally different buzz,not to be messed with,take care and enjoy these badboys!Well done Shayana,looking forward to next order.

  • barbaros
    stuff is workin but not my choice . so much side effects .. there is lot to do out there . dont need this stuff realy =)

  • Cameron
    This is an amazing product. It's what I have been searching for. Thank you very much for your services in providing it. I'm humbled to finally receive it. :)

  • AriesTiger
    This is exactly the product I've been looking for. Unfortunately no hallucinations but it's allowed me to "disconnect" from the world and gives me the "relaxation" I need from all my college work and work itself. I truly commend you on your product.

  • Jack
    Another great product on Shayana! I took 4 LSA seeds at a music festival, was sick in the first 30mins to 1hour or so. I didnt feel too much of an intense high effect so i smoked weed, Marahuanilla and wild dagga flowers all in one joint and my word....I was absolutely off it! Seeing colours and energies that I thought could not exist. I couldn't think about anything else other than Love! What a wonderful product and I definitely recommend the combination of LSA with weed, Marahuanilla and wild dagga flowers. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • jeane
    not for us. Both of us had the same symptoms. Nausea after eating them and then we were like junkies, we couldn't move. At a point I got lost in my thoughts but it lasted for a while. Fortunately I came up with the idea of drinking coca cola and everything came back to normal. Personally I prefer truffles.

  • Katelyn
    big fan of HBWR. took 5, then 3 couple hours later. great body high, similar feelings to excasty, music is absolutely wonderful. no visuals, but have yet to experience visuals anytime ive taken this. will be using again.

  • Barry
    To Amanda, I too sensed something like your spaceship, I got in my friends car and when we started it up ......voooroooshh!!!, it sounded like we were taking off in a jet plane!!, and also I was hearing echoes when we spoke it would echoe and repeat itself!!, extreme nausea I did not scrape off fuzz, and spent 5-6 hours in emergency room , colors extremely bright and audio halluc.s but I learn my lesson , Thank God. be careful this was only 5 little seeds.

  • Coolio
    While it is hard to describe anything like this I just want to say take it easy with this. Not that anything bad will happen to you if you take too many but it might be just overwhelming if you are not used to this kind of thing. I had 4 today and it was very magic mushroomey kind of effect and the come down is similar too. I went to the park and just walked around in-between the showers and everything was new and beautiful and clean and crisp. The sun after the rain on the grass shone of trillions of little sparkles everywhere, the leaves on the trees so green and alive, the vibrancy of the colours were indescribable. Now having said this, I have experience in this area and I know I was on the brink of that "edge", I would say if I had two more I would have had the wide awake spiritual experience I had in the past with mushrooms and daime but I was not looking for that today :) As everyone else says, just take it easy with them, you will over the sickness, for me it was gentle and I felt the purge was necessary oh and do try to get out into the nature. Enjoy!

  • Pasi
    I stayed in the coffin, i drink beer and some seeds. I stayed naked two days. I had a very nice time!!

  • J
    Great effects every time. I started by soaking them in water for atleast 1 hour stirring every so often, then drinking with lime juice. The most time consuming part is shaving the brown fuzz of the seeds (before smashing and soaking seeds in water). Ive taken this recipe atlas four times. The most seeds I've done at once is 10. In that episode, I was able to communicate with my friend telepathically. No words, we knew what each other was thinking. On the downside, during the trip, my stomach has faint pain for about an hour, then hurts horribly for about 20-30 mins. After that I am fine. My friends did not feel any stomach pain however. I get nauseated now when I think about the seeds. Going to try other herbs.

  • Clément
    as we expected...really strong high but ot really seemed to me as a dark lsd... shipped fast as usual shayana rules

  • Arshak
    very powerful seeds, had very profound experience took a low dose only 4 seeds but it was amazing. The only uncomfortable side effect is that they are quite hard one the stomach but that's just how it is. So just accept it... Absolutely recommend them, but still they are not for everyone. Make your research about psycodelics that you are about to take first.

  • Rasmus
    The first time i tried LSA i got a bit of nausea the first 10 minuttes. Then after that it disappered and i had er very relaxing and high feeling. After 2 hours in my bed i saw a dinosaur on my table, it was standing infront of a big controllbox and there was only a big lever. When the dinosauer pulled the lever i got electrucuted but just from my head to my toes for like half a second. It felt really funny, and i asked the dinosauer to do it again :D. I then got thirsty and went to grab my water bottle and it was all gone. I laid down in my bed again then it all started again. And i somehow ended up talking to my water bottle about stop pointing fingers at me. The day after i almost couldn't remember anything that happend LSA can be a very powerfull psychedelic, I will advise to start with a small dosage. I started with 6 seeds, and crushed them with a pestle and mortar and chewed them for a good 5 minuttes. Then swallowed 'em and waited. LSA can have a small hangover effect. I was a bit more tired than usual the next 2 days. I also gave some to my friend and he ate 7, he ended up talking with the light switch. I will definetntly advise to try LSA, but remember they are really powerfull hallucinogenic.

  • Johndeer
    First i got the stomach-bad-feeling thing but afterwards i was so high for 4-5 hours. My mind was exploding with weird, but pleasant, thoughts. The effects is ecstasy x2

  • John
    I ate 21 and didn't get one freakin' visual. These are terrible phsycadelics.

  • Cyan
    It was a long time ago I used this seeds, and the first times I used it gave a REALLY good trip.

  • Nymbus
    Good euphoric trip with only slight Nausea.I loved It!!!!

  • PsyGoA
    The trip were GREAT! I had an Ecstasy-like (very much alike, actually) feeling and state of mind during the whole trip, which lasted for a LONG time. More hallucinogenic than any mushrooms I've ever eaten. I were very, VERY fucked-up, too (positively). The reason that I'm not giving it the happiest face is, that I ate 6 seeds and I became very ill. I had the headache of my live and I weren't able to move og speak until I finally puked 2 hours afterwards - from that point though it was just fantastic!

  • Antony
    i ate five and i got silly. i think if i ate the full seven i would have started seeing hawaii. my trip was weak but true to what the advertisement says; ecstasy feelings through my body, (skin sensations were nice), laughing, and at one point some intense hallucinations in the dark. eat the full seven and youll have fun.

  • B
    Very strong product. i had extreme nausea but enjoyed the first two hours after that complete panic for 3 hours. Be careful try only a few at first.

    This shit is GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! I'm loving it!!! ;)

  • Madgrenade
    Boshed nine seeds in the morning each with a mate and entered a the kind of enhanced sensory mindscape. No visuals. Clearly shaman drug. Felt fine but my mate yacked. Gotta crunch down those bad boys. Great on the lash but watch out for traffic! Hours long. A.

  • Jack
    Me and 2 of my freinds took 14 each also with a vitamin c tablet. They had been sitting in water for a good 6 hours or more and had the seeds filtered from the water. Within about 45 mins. of finishing off the drink we all started to feel a little sick. After puking tehre was no discomfort at all. At about an hour we started laughing uncontrollably. After that we started to trip intensely. Few visuals but mostly an intense body high and an amazing mental state.

  • Traduit de French ya
    well, it worked every time I took it. I discourage chewing them, the LSA damages the teeth. to avoid nausea, it is best to grind 8/12 of them and macerate them 12 to 6 p.m., filter or not before consumption. there are some who macerate them in saliva (heurg !!!), it's up to you.

  • Traduit de French Skizz
    Really disappointed, I broke 8 seeds in strong aclool, I left to massage for 3 days while shaking 3-4 times a day. I had my little glass before going to a minimal party. It took a while to take effect ... if I can put it that way ... a rise in heat, I didn't feel well, wanted to throw up, then it was weird, feeling like I smoked but being normal, it's not super pleasant, then back to normal. A few minutes later, the same sensations again. It did that to me all evening ... it was not the best. I went home to sleep, I couldn't sleep, and I was so drunk that I took medicine to sleep. Basically, you want to vomit several times. Pity. I kept 2 seeds to try to make them grow again ^^

  • Traduit de French Hugo
    NO MORE BELLY AHEAD! ! ! Instructions for use lol: Grind 3 to 4 seeds, put the crumbs in a glass of water for 3 to 6 hours, filtered with a second glass and a tissue to keep the liquid and discard the crumbs (or drink slowly in leaving the crumbs at the bottom, but there is a risk of drinking the bits of skin and this which hurts the stomach). Drink lol, no nausea! ! ! ! ! ENJOY

  • Traduit de French Albert
    frankly I ate 4 seeds I took off (maybe that's not how we take them but I'm anti-conformist) on the other hand it's powerful you need a minimum of experience in the management of hallucinogens. But once I took only one (the one that was left) and it gave me a very nice euphoric effect.

  • Traduit de German Klammer
    So I ate it with fluff and it was a great experience! One beer and 5 seeds and you are in another world;) the

  • Gintonic
    I tried them with a friend. Each of us ate 7 at first. 1.5 hours later, we had another 3. But there was no effect at all, neither on me nor on my friend. ps. I was very happy with the delivery service. The neutral packet arrived quite fast.

  • ro1and
    i soaked five hammer grounded seeds in water for 1 hour, strained and drank only the water. some stomache discomfort, very mild-almost non-existant trip...trying 10 tonight;)

  • Traduit de German Psychonaut
    I chewed 12 pieces of it on my 30th and kept it in my mouth for 10 minutes. After about half an hour I had to vomit terribly. Then the trip of my life started ... I've tried a lot but the stuff is beyond. After 12 hours and several moments in which I was sure, I am dying or finally I have understood the world, I slowly landed again. Enjoy with caution.

  • Traduit de German qwer
    So I chewed three together for the first time and kept it in my mouth for a good 10 min. the trip was really strong with me i had halucinations euphoria i was doing so well that i laughed so much that i looked like a 50 year old (24) the second time i dared to take only two which had the effect on me I just saw holl in the pear and was looking forward to the next day to be normal. allso 3 must already be and just chew it well and keep it in your mouth for a long time, knowingly works better than swallowing it straight away. Ps.Lsd is essentially spiritual ;-)

  • silvio
    the worst 'drug' i have ever done these should not be sold to anyone with any more than half a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Katzz
    Et merci!!!20 euros (je crois) pour des cacahuetes avariées, meme pas une envie de gerber, Kubiacu (u corsu) il s'est meme ouvert le doigt en essayant d'enlever la cosse de merde, soit disant vomitive...Par contre les philosopher stones c'est cool, ils vous permettent entre autre de retrouver votre primal fibre, comme des vrais hommes on a tapé sur des tambours avec des batons et on a maté dfes filles sur des plages assis sur des fauteuils, comme des vrais mecs, sur internet.KAtzz et MOutzz.

  • Traduit de French Katzz
    And thank you !!! 20 euros (I think) for rotten peanuts, not even a desire to spill, Kubiacu (u corsu) he even opened his finger while trying to remove the shit pod, supposedly emetic. ..On the other hand the philosophizing stones it's cool, they allow you among other things to find your primal fiber, like real men we banged on drums with sticks and we watched girls on beaches sitting on armchairs, like real guys, on the internet KAtzz and MOutzz.

  • Lothar
    They're pretty intense little things. I ate ten. Yeah I scraped them carefully but it seems to me the nausea is just part of the effects. When I gave in to it, it was a most cleansing experience, spitting out from the very depth of my being :-) And just tap water tasted so incredibly sweet afterwards!! Of course I hadn't eaten anything so there wasn't much to throw up anyways... Fuck, the whole thing was an intense process. When it was over, I felt somewhat exhausted but in a way like completely new-born. It was most helpful in the situation I was in, having been stuck in a bit of a swamp beforehand. I didn't get anywhere like the visuals I would get from shrooms, but the inner dimension of it was really deep. So: not all of it was easy or even pretty, but I LOVED it!!! :-D

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Argyrea Nervosa - Utilisé traditionellement comme sacrement de divination par les Kahunas d'Hawaii et de Polynésie.


Contient des composants ressemblant à ceux du LSD, il procure un trip fort, euphorique et hallucinogène..


3-7 graines maximum, bien machéel. Il y a une couche qui produit l'effet de nausée autour de la graine, il faut gratter pour l'enlever. Même ainsi on peut rencontrer quelques petits problèmes d'estomac.
On peut réduire la nausée en prenant 1 à 2 dramamine*de 30 minutes à une heure avant d'ingèrer les graines.